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Our most popular and best-selling elite garden room. The Dalbury garden room is stylish and contemporary to suit any garden; featuring full pane windows and doors allowing plenty of light to flow in.
The Dalbury Combination matches versatility with our most popular outdoor room, allowing for a multi-use space in your garden designed around specific your requirements.
The Dalbury Canopy combines the elegant and functional Dalbury garden room with a roof elevation to enhance the look of the structure and provide a sheltered outdoor space.
Even with smaller gardens, creating your dream outdoor room is still achievable with The Huntingdon due to its space efficient shape and quick construction design.
A grand style of garden room which combines traditional high-ceilinged space combined with modern touches.
The Dukesbury brings together a marriage of conventional roof style with twenty first century design to create an understated yet beguiling stand-alone garden room.
We are proud to offer our signature cedar collection, bringing prestige cladding to our Qube, Dalbury and Huntington designs to make for a truly remarkable collection.

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